Gout, arthritis, and joint pain medication. Used for backache, lumbago, sinew, cartilage

Adults take 2 capsules/day after dinner with warm water for the first 2-4 weeks depending on your condition (do not drink with cold water). Stop using this product if it does not work as intended after 5 days. Do NOT use alcohol while using this product.
Decrease the dose to 1 capsule per day as you condition improves after 2-4 weeks. Continue reducing the dose to ONLY 3 capsules per week as you get better until you don’t need this product any more.
Highly recomended with the use of glucosamin or UC-II and multi-vitamin supplements along with this product. Stay on a healthy diet and 30 mins daily exercise. 
AVOID using this product in case of weight gain or any unwanted side effects. Do NOT use more than needed, the less you use the better.
Stop use immediately in case of allergy or any reaction to this product.

Caulis Sinomenii: pain reduction, anti-flammation
Caulis Piperis Futoradsurae: gout, arthritis
Rhnizoma Chuanxiong: Invigorates Blood and Moves Qi
Radix Clemaidis: gout, increases blood flow
Herba Asari Cum Radice: anti inflammation, anti bacteria
Radix Angelicae: anti inflammation, anti bacteria

Side effects: weight gain, increased appetite and sleepiness (remember to keep a healthy diet and daily exercise). Over dose can cause adrenal gland disorder and kidney disease.

*Warnings: do NOT use if you  are pregnant/nursing, have kidney disease, adrenal gland disorder, diabetes, heart disease, obesity, blood deficiency and abnormal high blood pressure. Do NOT use if you are taking other medications. Stop use immediately in case of allergy or any reaction to this product. Consult with your primary care doctor for medical and treatment advice.

Keep out of reach of children. Store at room temperature, tightly closed.
*Manufacture's benefits claim, statement has not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not INTENDED to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease


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When using this product:

Misuse of this product could lead to serious injury.
Follow instructions and review the precautions carefully.
Always test products before use. 
Always keep away from children.

Do not use if you:
Are pregnant or breast feeding;
Are immune impaired; or
Are under the age of 18 years old

Do not:
Use on children.
Use topically with any other over-the-counter product or prescription medication or agent that without taking with a doctor.

Do not use if:
You have had radioactive or chemotherapy treatments, sunburn, windburn or broken skin.
You have diabetes or auto immune disease.

You have adrenal gland disorder, kidney disease, heart disease, obesity, blood deficiency and abnormal high blood pressure.

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